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i-SITE is New Zealand's official visitor information network with over 80 i-SITEs nationwide

i-SITE knows all the best things to do, places to stay and ways to get there. Plus they’ll take care of the bookings.

Every person who works at i-SITE is a travel expert for their own home town, so they can help you to find the sort of activities, attractions, accommodation and transport that only a local would know.

You can be sure that once you have experienced the latest and greatest of what one place has to offer, i-SITE will help connect you with their equally friendly i-SITE colleagues at the next stop on your journey.

So whether you’ve come around the world or down the road you can rely on i-SITE for expert local knowledge and bookings throughout New Zealand.

  • Itinerary planning and information
  • Bookings nationwide - accommodation, transport, activities, attractions
  • Free maps, weather & mountain safety information
  • Local information - events, attractions, restaurants & more!

Visit i-SITE.nz when you arrive in New Zealand to find and contact your nearest i-SITE and pick up or download a copy of the i-SITE Touring Map (PDF)

Plan your holiday

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